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Thermaltake T1000 Coolant Purple | CL-W245-OS00PL-A

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  • Thermal Take T1000 Coolant - Purple
  • 1000ml purple transparent coolant for PC water-cooling, offering superb protection for copper, nickel, brass, and aluminum.

        Thermaltake T1000 Coolant - Purple "Formulated to Impress"


  • Thermaltake T1000 Transparent Coolant Series is designed with TT latest formula to be used as anti-corrosion protection fluid and heat-transfer medium for PC water-cooling.
  • With transparent colors, T1000 allows users to create unique colors by adding TT Premium concentrate. The new formula provides T1000 Coolant Series with color stability and low viscosity that enables effective flow.
  • Thermaltake T1000 Coolant Series encourages users to create your own colors for your system!
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