Price Matching Policy


At Ayoub Computers, we are committed to providing our customers with competitive prices through our Pricing Commitment Statement. This policy is designed to outline the conditions, limitations, and criteria for our Price Matching Policy. Here's an overview:

Conditions for Price Matching:

  1. Identical Product: The item must be identical in size, model, quantity, brand, and color.
  2. In-Stock Requirement: The item must be in stock on both the online retailer's website and Ayoub Computers at the time of the price match request.
  3. Limitations: We will price match up to five items per customer per day.
  4. No Rain-Checks: We do not offer rain-checks for items that are not currently in stock.
  5. Registered Companies in MOF: The item must be sold and fulfilled by companies registered in the Ministry of Finance of Lebanon and operate as legal entities.

How to Request a Price Match: If you discover a lower price from an online retailer meeting these conditions, inform us, and we'll promptly match it to ensure your satisfaction.

Important Notes:

  • Our Price Matching Policy is subject to change, and Ayoub Computers reserves the right to interpret and enforce these policies to maintain fairness and clarity.

Exclusions from Price Matching: While we aim to offer competitive prices, there are instances where we cannot accommodate price matching requests. We want to inform you about circumstances where price matching is not applicable:

  1. Traders without Official Documents: We do not match prices from traders without official documents.
  2. Marketplace and Third-Party Sellers: Prices from marketplace and third-party sellers are not eligible for price matching.
  3. Special Discounts in Checkout: Prices with special discounts applied during checkout are not subject to price matching.
  4. Percentage or Dollar Off Offers: Offers advertised as a percentage or dollar off are not eligible for price matching.
  5. Auction Prices or Memberships: Prices from auctions or requiring memberships are excluded from our policy.
  6. Indeterminable Prices: Prices that cannot be determined independently are not eligible.
  7. Bundle Offers, Rebates, Coupons: Prices in bundle offers, with rebates, or requiring coupons are not subject to price matching.
  8. Minimum Quantity Purchase: Prices requiring a minimum quantity purchase are not eligible.
  9. Clearance, Closeout, Special Events: Items in clearance, closeout, special events, or limited quantity offers are excluded.
  10. Damaged, Used, or Refurbished Items: Prices for damaged, used, or refurbished items are not matched.
  11. Price Errors: Prices resulting from errors are not eligible.
  12. In-Store Prices: Prices available only in physical stores are not matched.
  13. Pickup Discounts: Prices resulting from Pickup Discounts are not eligible.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation with these terms, ensuring a fair and consistent application of our Price Matching Policy. Please review these conditions before making a price match request. Ayoub Computers is dedicated to your satisfaction and transparency in pricing.