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Kensington Microsaver Cable Lock From Lenovo


The Kensington Microsaver DS Cable Lock From Lenovo allows customers to manage physical security access within the enterprise, offices, school, library or any other publick or semipublic space. Cable locks help reduce theft, and increase physical asset security protection for laptops, laptop docking stations, desktops and flat panel monitors. The special thin lock head design fits ultrabook and ultrathin designed computers for added protection. Easy and quick locking and unlocking mechanism, with high security features, and size flexibility to fit the thinnest of form factors. Comes in a stylish charcoal color that matches well with the classic ThinkPad design.

Key Details

  • Ultra-strength carbon tempered steel cable core on 5ft or 1.5m length cable

  • Cable diameter .2 in (5mm) including plastic coating

  • Slim cable head measuring .5 in (12.7mm) in diameter

  • 90 degree pivot and 360 degree rotating lock head

  • Innovative disc-lock engineering for triple maximum security

  • Patented T-bar locking mechanism provides superior lock strength and theft protection

  • Easy to install and use to protect high security computer devices

  • Fits in the standard Kensington security slot found in 99% of notebooks, desktops, flat panel monitors, projectors, printers, docking stations

  • Note: Replacement keys requires the keycode from the key. Customers are responsible to record keycode.


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