Meta Quest Pro VR Headset | 899-00412-01

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  • Meta Quest Pro VR Headset | 899-00412-01
  • Meta Quest Pro VR Headset | 899-00412-01

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Meta Quest Pro VR Headset | 899-00412-01

Internal Storage: 256GB
Resolution: 1800 x 1920 per Eye
Full Color Mixed Reality
Full color mixed reality, with a resolution four times higher than the Quest 2, the Meta Quest Pro VR headset allows you to work, create, and collaborate in the virtual world while staying present in the real world. 
Next-Gen Optics
Advanced VR LCD technology delivers 1800 x 1920 pixels per eye, with 37% more pixels per inch (ppi), and 10% more pixels per degree than the Meta Quest 2. 
High Performance Hardware
It also has 12GB of RAM and 256GB of storage capacity.
Touch Pro Controllers
Each of the Touch Pro controllers include three cameras and a Snapdragon mobile processor, providing 360° range of motion in your virtual space.
Enhanced Audio
Meta added greater fidelity to the built-in audio system, with a dynamic bass extension that in most cases can deliver over a half octave deeper bass tones, and crystal clear midrange to make conversations sound more natural, music sound better, and gameplay sound exciting.
Fast Wi-Fi 6E Wireless Connectivity
The Meta Quest Pro VR headset features Wi-Fi 6E (802.11ax) 6 GHz wireless connectivity. This means the headset can deliver up to 1.6 Gb/s throughput, doubling the bandwidth over the Meta Quest 2.
The headset features balanced ergonomics with a sleek design to provide a comfortable VR experience, allowing you to wear it for long periods of time.
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Warranty Information

1 Month
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