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Compatible Laptop Keyboard for Acer Aspire 5755 5755G 5830 5830G 5830T 5830TG ES1-512 ES1-520 ES1-521 ES1-531 ES1-571 ES1-711 ES1-711G ES1-731 ES1-731G Notebook PC

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  • Fit models: Aspire 5755, Aspire 5755-6482, Aspire 5755-6647, Aspire 5755-6699, Aspire 5755G, Aspire 5755G-6823, Aspire 5830, Aspire 5830G, Aspire 5830T, Aspire 5830TG, Aspire ES1-512, Aspire ES1-512-C1PW, Aspire ES1-512-C35P, Aspire ES1-512-C4DW, Aspire ES1-512-C5YW, Aspire ES1-512-C685, Aspire ES1-512-C88M, Aspire ES1-512-C8HY, Aspire ES1-512-C96S, Aspire ES1-512-C9Y5, Aspire ES1-512-P0SY, Aspire ES1-520, Aspire ES1-521, Aspire ES1-521-48YQ
  • Aspire ES1-531, Aspire ES1-531-C2KX, Aspire ES1-531-C3X2, Aspire ES1-531-C6FQ, Aspire ES1-571, Aspire ES1-711, Aspire ES1-711-C9ZU, Aspire ES1-711G, Aspire ES1-711-P1UV, Aspire ES1-711-P9PZ, Aspire ES1-731, Aspire ES1-731G
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