Geske Facial Hydration Refresher | 4 in 1,grey

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Geske Facial Hydration Refresher | 4 in 1,grey


No more need for a spa for fresh and luminous skin. You can enjoy refreshed and hydrated skin at your fingertips with this portable facial mist. Discover the SmartAppGuided Facial Hydration Refresher, a pocket-sized beauty device that gives your skin the extra hydration and freshness you need wherever you are. Our Moisturizing Cooling Mist technology works by dividing water droplets into ultra-small molecules in the form of a mist that helps effective components penetrate beyond the surface layer of the skin, giving you all the benefits of Energizing Hydra Refreshing Technology. Say goodbye to irritated skin with the device's Redness and Dry Skin Reducer feature. The ultra-fine mist will soothe your skin, giving it a beautiful fresh glow.

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