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5 F Alloy Connector Screw On Type For RG6 Satellite TV Antenna Coax Cable Twist-on

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  Item Type: Microphone Audio Monitor
    Material: Plastic and Metal
    Color: White
    External dimension: 35×28×18mm / 1.38×1.10×0.71" (Approx.)
    Audio Output: RCA Female
       Red wire ---Power
       White wire—Video
    Sensitivity: 200 mA/ubar
    Operating voltage: DC 9V-12V
    Current: 12-18mA
    Output level: 0- 6Vpp
    Frequency range: 200Hz-10KHz
    Frequency respond: 2.5dB
    Output impedance: 600 ohm
    Audio monitoring range: 10-100 square meter, volume adjustable
    Plug & Play
    Extremely Sensitive
    Great for Security Monitoring
    Higher S/N Ratio

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